Senior Hospital Executives

D.B.Craig and Associates is comprised of search experts spanning North America, committed to securing the industry's top executives for a diverse range of healthcare organizations including:
• Integrated Delivery Systems
• Academic Health Science Centers
• Hospital Systems
• Health Insurance Companies
• Multi-Specialty Physician Practices
• Pharmacy Benefit Management Companies
• Long Term Care/Assisted Living Companies
• Home Health Companies
• Healthcare Associations
• Other Service Delivery companies

D.B.Craig and Associates excels at serving the changing leadership needs of this explosive and dynamic industry. Our consultants located in various U.S. offices share similar backgrounds as the clients we serve and possess in-depth knowledge of what it takes to lead today's healthcare organizations. 
We believe that the people process is more important than either the strategy or operations processes.  After all, it is the people of an organization who make judgments about how markets are changing, create strategies based on those judgments, and translate the strategies into operational realities.  As leaders in the executive search industry,  D.B.Craig and Associates solves business problems for our clients everyday.  

Our business is dedicated to making our client companies more valuable through the selection of the best executive leadership and talent.  Contact us to discuss options.