Nursing and Clinical Executives

DB Craig and Associates specializes in the placement of staff and management Nurses. We want to work with you to identify what is important in your job-change decision and then identify opportunities that match your requirements.

As your Agent, we focus entirely on your career. We identify your preferred work environment, desired position, income level, geographic location and other criteria and then locate employers and job opportunities that match your criteria. We do all of the research and contact work, including setting the interview and following through with final compensation negotiations. We work on a fee basis absorbed by the employer lucky enough to get you as an employee, so there is no cost to you for our involvement.

We are quite different from the vast majority of medical recruiters. As your Agent, we focus on your desires. By doing this, we are able to identify a much better match for you and your new employer. This creates a win-win employment situation for everyone involved.

We would like to assist you throughout your career. Please contact us to discuss your situation.