Hospital Hiring Authority

At D.B. Craig and Associates, we have state-of-the-art technology and provide the personal attention that is required to meet our clients' Human Resource needs.

In today's most successful healthcare organizations, high-quality employees set you apart from the rest.   Such organizations recognize the competitive advantages gained from attracting the brightest and most committed individuals possible.

To find the best individuals for our clients, D.B. Craig and Associates maintains a recruitment and selection philosophy based on:

  •  A belief that candidates must meet not only the technical qualifications of the position but also must be able to function successfully within the client's corporate culture, management style and philosophy.
  • A view that we are an extension of our clients' management teams and must serve as a credible ambassador for their organizations.
  • A commitment to open and frequent communication with clients throughout the course of the search to arrive at the optimum solution.
  • A dedication to working diligently to achieve our clients' staffing goals and to build long-term relationships.

Please contact us or submit the job profile of the position you would like us to review. We will respond in a timely fashion.