Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Resume preparation

The Resume

The resume is the first impression of your experience, credentials and strengths. After working in human resources for a number of years, it has become easy to identify those who are serious about a job change from those who appear unprepared. In today's employment market, everything is about performance. Your accomplishments must be clearly stated with supporting metrics. I will work with you to create a professional resume that will yield results.  Please allow me to assist you in this task.

There are many resume formats that are used by healthcare professionals. However, I have identified several that are most effective. Your resume must be well structured and presented. Healthcare organizations are looking for those who perform well. Because of this, you must include accomplishments, achievements, successful initiatives, advanced knowledge of performance improvement and quality processes.

Often, I receive resumes that are written in a functional format. Statements such as "was responsible for this" and "assisted with that" do not indicate that you are a leader. It is much better to use action verbs along with metrics. For instance, "Structured, developed and implemented new ER procedures that resulted in reduced ER wait times from 45 minutes to 16 minutes" Rather than stating "was responsible for hiring and retention" it is much more informative to state "Improved employee retention from 68% to 95% during the past two years" "Selected and successfully hired 25 new employees to reduce open positions by 92%".

Obviously, correct use of the language and correct spelling are very important. Be sure to spell check your resume. A sloppy resume appearance is not likely to get much attention. Do your best to structure it cleanly and do not include flourishes, like pictures or other artwork as these tend to reduce the professional look.

Do not worry about the number of pages in your resume. Let it flow to three or four pages if your experience is vast. Including the detail that I have identified above is important so the old concept of a one page resume is outdated.

I will be pleased to review your resume and provide feedback. If you are interested in allowing me to represent you to employers, I will make sure your resume will be viewed favorably. However, this will take effort on your end as well. I must have your input to assist in this effort. Please submit your resume to me at

The most frequently used formats are in MS Word or as a pdf that is readable with Adobe. The benefit of MS Word is that I will be able to make format adjustments that will be sent back to you for approval while a pdf does not allow this.